Tropical Site Design Package One

Tropical Site Design Offers Small Business "Jumpstart" Package One

Our Jumpstart Package One is for the business that answered yes to all the questions on the survey. You really need a fully functional top of the line site. Problem is you do not want to pay $10,000. $20,000. or more to get where you need to be. No worries, Tropical Site Design has you covered at a base rate of only $1600.00 we will deliver the site you need with the features you want. And we will do it in 30 days or less!

Already have a site but you are sick and tired of the no response "Big Guys" Well we hear you! Tropical Site Design will completely revamp your site, we will re-design, re-content, update, and make it mobile friendly.

We can, and we will help!

To start we will focus on the following qualities:

  • Unique Designs — Showcase Your Brand
  • Marketing Opportunities — CTA Conversion
  • Multi-language Websites — International Markets
  • Device Compatible — Mobile Audience
  • Easy to Update CMS — WordPress Open Source Platform

Step by Step:

  • Project Management Team & Collaboration Tools

    Each project has a dedicated project manager with whom you have primary contact. In addition to personal contact, we offer a project collaboration tool that allows team members the ability to post tasks, timelines, notes and conversations about the project.
  • Discovery

    Let’s talk story. Our kick off meeting brings all parties together to discuss expectations and answer any questions.
  • Wireframe Process

    Remember those napkin sketches? Wireframes are those, but improved. The wireframe is critical tool for communication in larger projects. They help clarify exactly what needs to be on key pages, placement of major content blocks, navigational flow and conversion points. Wireframes are cost effective by predeceasing design and programming phases. Wireframes can easily be revised, providing a great visual blueprint.
  • Content Development

    Don’t be daunted! At this point in the project, there is a concrete list of the content. You can create content or our team can produce optimized copy, compelling messaging, and stunning visual elements including photography and video.
  • Design Concepts

    Everyone loves this step. Once the wireframe is approved, you get an awesome design. Your current branding and stylistic guidelines are followed to enhance your brand identity. To meet your website objectives and achieve great aesthetics, every element of the design is carefully considered. User experience, industry trends, long term maintenance, and budget all are considerations.
  • Conversion

    Ahh, the details. After the design is approved the site is converted to the latest industry technology – HTML5 and CSS. Responsive layout techniques optimize websites for tablet display. Dedicated technology will be implemented for optimized smartphone display. You look good to your audience however they access your site.
  • Optimization

    Is there an elephant in the room? While coding, our team considers complicated on-site optimization so you don’t have to. Hierarchal semantics, load time, unique meta data and W3C compliance are all measured by search engines. Translation: Your site is built on a solid foundation, but there’s much more to do.
  • Beta Testing

    Unveiling the project. The exciting step where you see the end product emerging. We’ve taken ownership of your project and want it to exceed your expectations. All projects are tested internally for performance. Websites are reviewed on modern major browsers and devices such as tablets and smartphones. We encourage you to do a thorough review of our homework and eagerly await feedback.
  • Training

    Personal and empowering knowledge. WordPress has endless varieties and options. But with our Monthly Maintenance and hosting plan you do not have to worry about any of this. We pride ourselves on earning our name as the "On Call" Website company here in Tampa Bay Florida.
  • Deployment

    Sweet! You're ready to launch! There are hidden considerations when going live and we will take an encompassing approach to ensure all business critical items continue without interruption.

Small Business "JumpStart" Package One. Includes the following features! Please compare and save with Tropical Site Design

  • 1. A custom .com & .net domain name.(or transfer of your existing domain)
  • 2. Website hosting with unlimited bandwidth for lightning fast page loads.
  • 3. A custom 10 page website designed with your needs in mind.
  • 4. An e-commerce portal.
  • 5. An advanced SSL Certificate, and SiteLock Technology.
  • 6. Embedded linking to all of your social media sites.
  • 7. Rss feeds from your favorite sources.
  • 8. A dedicated blog page to stay in touch with your customers.
  • 9. An e-commerce shopping cart accepting major credit cards as well as PayPal
  • 10. Site Backup and restore service.
  • 11. All technical updates as needed.
  • 12. 1.5 hr per month of content updates. ($35.00 Per additional hour.)
  • 13. New pages added as needed for a one time charge of $49.95 Each.
  • 14. Rapid (24-7) Phone and email support.
  • 15. Initial Search Engine Optimization.
  • 16. Custom Logo Design.
  • 17. 8 business email addresses (requires outlook) or automatically forwarded to the address of your choice.
  • 18. Follow me & Shareaholic Social Media Buttons.
  • 19. Subscription Sign up form with Akismit anti-spam engine.
  • 20. Basic CRM System (Advanced requires monthly subscription)

Total for Package One:
$1600.00 For initial build including SSL Certificate as well as SiteLock. ($400.00 deposit and $400.00 due on approval of base site design with the balance after the site is live and you are completely satisfied) Then only $65.00 per month for 12 months with no continuing contract. The domain name and website stay with you even if you decide to host your site elsewhere.

Compare this to other designers who charge an average of $14,500 for this type of site, and offer little in the way of service after the sale!

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